Seedy toe and whiteline disease

The same bacteria that causes thrush is also responsible for Seedy toe and whiteline. Nt-dry can be very effective because it draws out the bacteria and dries up the area.

To apply:

Apply once daily directly in the affected area. Use your finger or the edge of the hoofpick to push the NT-dry into the crevice.

Mudfever and rainscold

Nt-dry Works wonders on mudfever and rainscold. For typical cases, when caught in the early stages, healing will take place in 5-7 days

Here is the quick and easy application process:

1. Keep area dry. Do NOT wash leg. Do NOT remove scabs.

2. All that is required is to simply puff NT-dry onto the problem area and gently rub into the hair. Do this once a day (twice per day for extreme cases). The powder will absorb all ooze and become a scab. Do NOT pick off the scabs. NT-dry will dehydrate the bacteria and when the scabs fall off by themselves, healing will be complete.

3. For seasonal scratches problems, we suggest beginning twice-per-week prevention dustings a few weeks before the problem begins. For example, in Florida scratches often occur in April. We can prevent this occurrence by beginning a dusting regime in mid March. Review the following photos from top left and scroll down - then go up to the top right and continue the review. Total time dusted with NT is 38 days.

38 days of using NT-Dry

The 38 day results of using NT-Dry on your horse