Even though this horse has just come off a long trail ride, the central sulcus between the heel pads is damp and deep. Generally this area should be a dimple. This deep crevice can be very painful.

This image shows how deep the crevice actually is. The nozzle is all the way inside. NT-Dry is being dusted into the thrushy breeding ground.

Not only is the tip of the bottle wet, but also NT-Dry is literally "wicking" up the moisture inside. In seconds, the powder has bonded with the moisture and is clumping. Simultaneously, of course, NT-Dry is attacking and cleansing the infection with its Proprietary blend of clays, salts, diatomaceous earth, and oregano.

How does NT-Dry work?

NT-Dry attacks the bacteria that cause thrush and related fungal infections with a combination of naturally occurring mineral salts that do not burn or harm the tender areas of the hoof.

Meanwhile a proprietary blend of moisture-bonding clays absorb and dry the excess moisture in the hoof destroying potential breeding grounds that would allow thrush to return. (The "drawing" action of the specialized clays pulls thrush and excess moisture from the deepest areas of the sulcus). Reducing this moisture also minimizes the offensive odour associated with thrush.

Finally, a combination of healing, refined ingredients, including Oregano Powder and Diatomaceous Earth, soothe the inner hoof and promotes healthy hoof regeneration. With the easy dust-on application, which finds all the dark places thrush thrives, results are obvious in just a few days

Why is NT-Dry different? (Why would I buy it?)

  • For starters it s Dry! No more messy liquids. Why put a wet product on bacteria that likes moisture?

  • The squeezable bottle puffs out the powder-fine product into all the hidden places.

  • Quick and easy.

  • No more applying goopy wet products with a toothbrush or cotton ball.

  • NT-Dry is natural, safe, non-toxic, and conforms to competition standards. (Will Not Test!)

  • NT-Dry attacks the odour associated with thrush. You will notice a difference almost immediately.

  • NT-Dry has also been successful in treating areas of fungus on the equine coat and legs.

  • NT-Dry is inexpensive.


The powder fights the bacteria and absorbs it along with the moisture until finally clumping and falling to the ground. Typically by the 3rd application, you will no longer notice the clumping. NT-Dry has done it's work in that department. But as mentioned above, keep dusting whenever possible, especially in damp stabling situations. It's easy and only takes seconds so don't give the bacteria a place to regroup. Dust in all the grooves, crevices, and around the frog. During the healing and maintenance periods you will notice a bit of product loss when you dust the dry areas, but don't fret. The powder covers the entire area with a fine-coating of active powder. (Imagine tossing flour on your tile counter - smooth and non-porous. You can blow away the excess flour, but there always remains a fine residue.)